Friends Who Served in the Union and Confederate Armies During the American Civil War (Part I)


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    Friends Who Served in the Union and Confederate Armies During the American Civil War (Part I)
    Patrick T. Smith

     The American Civil War has been called one of the defining events of American history. Over three and a half million men would serve in both Union and Confederate forces during a war that would exceed all initial expectations and encompass every aspect of American life. The American Civil War would last over four years (1861 to 1865), claiming the lives of more than 623,000 men. I have presented four different groups of men in this work. The first are the Friends who served in the Union Army and have been traced back to Nils Larson Friend, the patriarch of a large American family who emigrated from Sweden in 1642. I have included brief family histories with these men, as well as pictures, some service and pension records. The second group is a list of men with the last name of Friend that served in the Union Army. The third group of men served in the Confederate Army and has been traced back to Nils Larson Friend with brief family and service histories. The fourth group of men has the last name of Friend and served in the Confederate Army. Not all men with the last name of Friend that served during the war are descendants of Nils Larson Friend. This book represents less than 1% of the Nils Friend’s descendants that served during the war, yet they are all I have compiled to date.

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