The Friend Family Association of America Board of Directors


Jeff Custer

Patty Thompson
Vice President

Donna M. Friend

John Thompson

Pat Smith
Member at Large

Remington Friend
Member at Large

FFAA Board Vacancies

Board Members for the FFAA serve a 6 year term. Every two years at our Gathering at least two
of the seven Board members have their terms expire. Members then vote to determine who
will be elected onto the Board.

At present, we have one vacant Board member position. This year the terms of Donna Friend
and Pat Thompson expire. Both Donna and Pat are long time serving Board members and
neither wish to continue serving on the Board for another term and will not be candidates for
the upcoming vacant Board positions.

Donna has served as Treasurer of the organization since 2008, 12 year. During her years as
Treasurer she has made the monetary tracking of the FFAA functions very computer friendly.
Pat has served on the Board since 2002, 18 years and has held several positions including,
President, Vice President, Treasurer and Membership Chairman. She monitors the FFAA
website to respond to genealogical questions. She also writes checks for incidental
expenditures for the FFAA as well as distributes of the FFAA Newsletters both electronically and
hard copies. These are just some of the tasks she has done while serving on the Board.
We are looking for new candidates for the vacant Board positions to continue the operation of
the FFAA as we all have known it in the past and move the organization into the future. If you
are interested in being a candidate for an upcoming Board position, please submit your name
to us by clicking on this link for the on-line form: BOARD FORM.

Also you may wish to consider encouraging other members of the FFAA to
think about being a candidate for the Board.

Elections of new officers will be held at the 2020 Gathering in Friendsville this summer.
Thank you for your consideration in becoming a Board member of the FFAA!