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Information for our 2014 Gathering in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is available by Clicking Here!

 Welcome to the Friend Family Association of America  New Books

Welcome to the Friend Family Association of America website!

Our organization was started 30 years ago by Colonel Lester Friend with the purpose to collect, record, preserve, and share the historical and genealogical history of all family groups and to strengthen family relationships, and to deepen appreciation for those who came before us and the values they cherished.

We do this by:

Promoting historical and genealogical research.

Providing a strong and purposeful organization to be a resource for the local school system, libraries, interested students and historians and the general public.

Providing a National Heritage Museum as an educational institution.

Creating an educational environment to make the public aware of their lines of descent from those patriots who came to the American shores in search of freedom and a better way of life.

The Friend Family Association of America is now an international organization, with memberships in Europe and Canada, as well as the United States. 

The headquarters building is located in Friendsville, Maryland, which houses the  museum and library.  Although the library is a non-lending library, research information may be requested for many lines including but not limited to the FRIEND family..

Through the years, as  our files have grown, we have added information for many other associate lines, some of which are; Bittinger, Brant, Broadwater, Browning, Casteel, Coddington, Custer, Cummingham, DeWitt, Enlow, Fearer, Fike, Forsythe, Frantz, Frazee, Garletts, Glotfelty, Green(e), Harvey, Hoye, Riley, Savage, Sines, Sisler, Ward and Wilt, plus many more too numerous to list.  As time reveals our ancestral lines we discover even more associate family names. It has also become apparent that there are several lines of Friends, coming from Sweden, England and Germany.    

It is hoped that you too will share your genealogical research with the association in order to assist others with their research; find new links to your own family line, and to help preserve the records of those who have gone before us. Information may be submitted by CD, pedigree or family group charts.

Having a connection to the FRIEND line is not a requirement for submitting, requesting information, or for becoming a member of the FFAA.  The association is open to all.  Become a member today and receive our quarterly newsletter, The Friendship News. 

 If you have questions regarding this site or would like further membership information, please contact Pat Thompson. (Pat's E-mail)

If you are in the area of Friendsville , Maryland , we invite you to stop by, visit the Friend Museum , the Friend Store, and take a stroll along the river nearby.

2014 Friend Gathering
1863 Gettysburg Inn 516 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, PA


Friday afternoon and evening: Attendees will have this time to visit many of the attractions located in the town or ride a tour bus for a guided tour of the local attractions. Friday meals not included in registration fee but are available nearby.

Saturday - Danish Tray; Lunch buffet and Dinner Buffet

Seminar includes: Opening ceremonies- show and share. Afternoon- tour of four strategic points of battle by Pat Smith, or attendees may choose (at their own expense) to take the Gettysburg tour bus, which can be accessed at the rear of the Inn’s parking lot.


Evening; Guest speaker will focus on the Battle of Gettysburg

Sunday Seminar: Business meeting with elections followed by Gospel music by the Hevners.


Download the Pre-Registration Form Here


We will continue to develop our agenda for the 2014 Friend Gathering in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Additional information  will be  in our December  Newsletter, Website and Facebook.


How you can help.

The FFAA Museum - Library (operating expenses), and web sites are run entirely on annual membership dues and generous donations from our members, visitors, and the community. The staff of the FFAA are all volunteers.

We are happy to receive any amount for a donation and are appreciative of any amounts we receive. If you would like to donate to the FFAA (a non-profit organization) please print the donation form and send it to the FFAA with your donation.

Thank you !


The Friend Family Association of America is proud to announce twenty-nine (29) new books in our Friend Family Series that are only available through our organization!

Sarah (Sally) Mary Friend, Robinson T. Savage Jr. and Their Descendants of Sang Run, MD
see index for this book

Sarah Friend, James Canter and Their Descendants of Mason/Jackson Counties, WV
see index for this book

Andrew Friend and His Family: The Earliest Pioneers of the Potomac River, 2nd edition
see index for this book

Mary Davisson Friend, William D. Arthur (Arters) and Their Descendants of Webster County, WV Book(s) I, II, III, & IV
Index book 1, Index book 2
Index book 2, Index book 4

Friends Who Served in the Union and Confederate Armies During the American Civil War (Part I)
see index for this book

"Susannah Friend-House,
Daughter of John Friend Sr.
Books I and II"

“John Friend Sr. of Friendsville, MD”
(1st edition)
see index for this book

“John Friend Sr. of Friendsville, MD”
(2nd edition)
see index for this book

Friend Family Association of America Newsletters "The Friendship News" on CD

"Andrew Coleman Friend"

"Jonathan "Sugar Joe" Friend"

"Joab Jonah Friend of Grimes Point, MD"

"Josiah Green Friend of Swanton, Maryland" book one and two

"Friendsville, Maryland: A Brief History"

"A Brief History of Friend's Delight, Sang Run, Maryland"

"Joseph Friend, Sarah Green and Their Descendants of Friendsville, Maryland"

"William Edmundson Friend of Friendsville, MD (The Gun Maker)"

"Collection of Obituaries"
see index for this book

"Elijah Friend (1814 to 1869) of Sang Run, MD"

"Cornelius Ward Friend"

"John Friend Jr. of "Friend's Delight" Sang Run, Maryland"

"Andrew Friend and His Family: The Earliest Pioneers of the Potomac River" 
SOLD OUT - A second edition is now available!

"Selected Cemeteries and Gravestones of Garrett County, Maryland:
see index for this book

"The Maps and Papers of William H. H. Friend, 2nd Edition"

See the PDF format index for the Friend Family series of
books(unless otherwise marked) by clicking here:

Index of Friend Family books





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Our own Friend Family Association of America Document Archive Center is now online and available to all members of the Friend Family Association of America.

Please visit the Research Center for more information.



The FRIENDship NEWS is the official publication of the Friend Family Association of America, which is published four times a year.

Some copies of our previous newsletters are available to members in our Friend Family Association of America Document Archive Center and more are being added.


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We hope you enjoy our collection of historical photographs. To browse our collection  please click on the photograph album image above or click here.

 If you have any photographs you would like to share, or information about the subjects you see here, please contact :

Jeff Custer




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The Friendship Store has unique gifts! Are you FRIEND proud? Have you shopped at the Friendship Store lately? Take a look around in our new online store. And see many of the most unique gifts you'll never find any where else but at the Friendship Store in Friendsville, Maryland.

Check out the store's other books on our online catalog



While our members come from all over America and England, our Headquarters is located at the intersection of First & Maple Streets in Friendsville, Maryland.

It is housed in the old Bank building and it is the home of the Friend Family Association's library, museum and store described at the  National Headquarters web page.




A little more sophisticated than a slate board and chalk, we use ProBoards, the Internet's premier forum provider, to assist our members and friends to keep in touch with each other.

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Every other year the Friend Family Association of America holds a Gathering of our organization and members to research our genealogy, hold seminars, and to elect our Board of Director positions that are due to expire.

Click Here to see information on our 2014 Gathering in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.




The Friend Family Association of America
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Contact us by telephone at (301) - 746-4690 (during our open season)
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